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Jul. 13th, 2010 | 09:28 pm
posted by: sk_swing in sk_robots

byunghee's taking seungho into the shop tomorrow for a tune-up, an oil change, and maybe a paint job (because his exterior's starting to get all sorts of strange marks and impressions). byunghee's taking him because byunghee's got a car, byunghee can be trusted, and mir's kind of been banned from ever going back (for obvious reasons).

"you know what would be really cool?" (no, enlighten me.) "if we could switch out your arm for a rocket launcher! or a flamethrower! or get eyes that can fire lasers! or-"

the kid's got that look now, the one that makes his lips stretch and his gums come out and his eyes dance. it's the look of pure evil. (and if you think robots can't tell the difference between right and wrong, good and evil, you would be mistaken, good sir.)

"maybe they can give you a bigger-"

and then the ae-in's launching himself at the boy, strong hands out and low growl buzzing through an artificial voicebox.

apparently it's fallen on the robots to extinguish the evil in this world and to make all the wrongdoers fall to their knees and beg for mercy (amongst other things).

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Jul. 2nd, 2010 | 07:50 pm
posted by: sk_swing in sk_robots

mir used to have older sisters (used to - terrible things can happen when people think it's the end of the world) so now he has an older brother. seungho does everything you'd expect from a brother. he teases, light fists finding their way into a soft belly; he roars in annoyance when mir gnaws on his neck (and shoulders, and arms, and hands); and he runs his hands through the boy's hair and over his back when he sobs against smooth white sheets.

seungho was given to mir for his 18th birthday because he couldn't afford one but byunghee could. and while the older boy didn't have one of his own (because they 'creeped him out') he understood that some people needed them.


mir screams when he accidentally walks in on seungho naked because yeah he's a machine but he's been made to look human and they have the same parts. he keeps screaming until seungho throws him out of the room (after throwing something at him as well), cursing about stupid humans and their lack of volume controls.


the boy comes back with wetness in his eyes and gasps in his throat. the plastic bag hanging from his fingers is almost ripped in half but it wasn't taken away from him. (they didn't catch him this time.) he won't let seungho leave the apartment because people want him, will take him, if they realize what he is.

(and then they'll strip him for parts because sometimes the parts are worth more than the whole)

mir won't let seungho come with him and he refuses to move in with byunghee because he has too much of that human emotion (pride) so he just gets better at running away. seungho growls when mir presses a peck against unfeeling lips but he still takes the bag from the boy so he can catch his breath.


mir walks in on seungho naked. again. (which really should not be happening because there is no reason why ae-ins would need to take their clothes off.) this time not only is he embarrassed about seeing the robot's parts, he's also embarrassed about how his parts react to the robot's parts.

seungho smirks at his flushed cheeks and the strangled noise of horror that slips out, and if the boy weren't running away as fast as he possibly could he'd be looking for the instruction manual that came with the dark-eyed ae-in (the one he threw away 3 weeks ago).


after that second time whenever mir gives the ae-in a peck on the mouth seungho traps him with a (unnaturally) strong hand at the back of his head, making the boy struggle with eyes stretched wide and lips smashed against too white teeth, so he learns pretty fast to stop stealing kisses when he's not prepared for the consequences. (or as seungho refers to it, he 'adjusts his programming.')

and sometimes when they wrestle seungho's palms drag up the boy's thigh, dangerously close to where they shouldn't be, and when mir looks up the ae-in's lips are stretched into that familiar smirk.

this also should not be happening because mir is the owner and seungho is the toy (not the other way around).


mir's taken to calling seungho his 'vacuum cleaner' because byunghee got him a model that's programmed to clean often. but he's pretty sure that normal vacuum cleaners don't pin you against the wall with their fingers at your zipper and their teeth scraping against your collarbone, and now the boy's starting to think that his friend's a sick, sick guy for getting him this kind of birthday present. (he probably just got the one that was on sale, that bastard.)

he finally gives in with a shudder, wet lips parting under an insistent tongue and teenage body pushing against a hard frame (because anyone who's ever played chess against a computer knows that you can never win) and they say ae-ins aren't supposed to come with the more obnoxious of human emotions like smugness, but mir can swear there's some of it (a lot of it) in seungho's smirk.

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Jul. 2nd, 2010 | 07:44 pm
posted by: sk_swing in sk_robots

joon picked a male model. female models were more prone to malfunction (technology was still far from perfect replication) and it wasn't like they were going to populate a new world anyway.

he was joon's opposite in every way. he was tall, with long graceful limbs, and had a face so small the boy could cup it in his palms. he didn't say much and joon hadn't heard (had ignored it) when they said that that could be changed.

foolish human, mistaking default settings for a personality.

joon calls him thunder, because that's what's tattooed on the inside of his lip. (because joon's not that good at fooling himself.)

thunder is still just a machine.


thunder's model is only a year old, which means he's still pretty new. but joon's already thinking ahead to when mechanics will start using the words 'outdated' and 'replacement'. he studies thunder's manual religiously and takes care of his own maintenance with clumsy fingers and fumbling hands.

thunder laughs when joon slips, the tool in his hand scraping off synthetic skin. there's an ugly mark left over but thunder can't feel it so he just laughs as the color creeps up the boy's neck and to his ears. he sputters something about calling the shop the next day, half-formed words tripping and tumbling off of his loose tongue, but he's stopped by long fingers tugging at his hair and smiling lips pressed against his mouth.

he doesn't forget to call the shop the next day.


they see one on the street one day - a discarded ae-in. its eyes are dim and its leg is broken and it's been left out for trash collection, limbs bent and twisted and contorted. thunder doesn't stare, cybernetic gaze sliding past the visual input without further processing, but joon stares (can't stop staring).

when they get back home joon is impatient, his fingers pulling and tearing at thunder's shirt. he shoves his mouth against unresisting lips and there's a sharp inhale when his palms finally graze (warm) skin. he rubs his thumb against the number tattooed on a pale hip but of course it doesn't come off. (it's not something that can be erased.)

thunder wraps his legs around joon when the boy slides in, ankles locking at the small of his back, and his eyelids slip shut at the breaths traced against his neck. joon has his wrists trapped above their heads, strong fingers pressing crossed arms into the mattress, but his skin doesn't bruise from the pressure. he doesn't pant and he doesn't moan, but he catches joon's sighs against his mouth and curves his hips up to meet the boy's thrusts.

when joon comes his body tenses and stills above the lanky boy (ae-in). his teeth close around a pink bottom lip and his head tips back and he exhales with a stutter as long legs tighten around him. when he releases thunder's wrists he doesn't need to rub the color back into them because there is no circulation to get cut off. so he just holds the boy's (ae-in's) face in his hands and kisses him until one of them is breathless.

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Jul. 2nd, 2010 | 07:33 pm
posted by: sk_swing in sk_robots

they look like us. of course they look like us, humans have always been narcissists. they act like us. of course they act like us, otherwise we'd be completely freaked out by their coldness. they don't feel like us. of course they wouldn't. haven't you seen any science fiction movies? it's A.I., not A.E.

they're like us but they're not us. (and they never will be) stop complaining, when has that ever changed anything?


no one's sure where the name came from. probably some sentimental kid who really believed his model had stars in its eyes and blood running through its veins. they were called A.I.s for 'artificial intelligence' but that kid decided to call them 'ae-in's instead.

ae-in. 애인. lovers.

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Jul. 2nd, 2010 | 07:19 pm
posted by: sk_swing in sk_robots

do you really need a backstory?

(fine, i'll give it to you.)

humans are an endangered species. overpopulation was a lie. robots were made to fill the gap - to provide labor, convenience, companionship.

heard it before?

(i told you so.)

why are they dying out? ozone layer, disease, natural disaster - pick one.

who cares. this is just the way things are now.

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